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Success Practice System

Achieve excellent orthodontics and confident practice management with Dr. Baxmann's coaching and training.

Kieferorthopäde Dr. Martin Baxmann

Your path to your Success Practice

If you are looking for a clear, concrete, step-by-step plan and Dr. Baxmann's support and feedback during your implementation, the individual coaching programmes are the perfect solution for you.

It can be lonely being the boss, but it doesn't have to be. In your coaching, Dr. Baxmann is by your side at any time.

Learn proven measures. If you need motivation to keep going, we are there for you. We share our massive experience of 20 years of daily practice work and trainings with you.

What is particularly important is that everything we create together is ideally suited for YOU. Even though we use LeanOrthodontics® tools and strategies, you go YOUR way. It is your road to your Success Practice.

Dr. Martin Baxmann - Mentor für Kieferorthopädie und Praxismanagement

Two paths one goal:
Your success in orthodontics and practice management

Both the Performance Coaching and Excellence Coaching 365 will help you turn your dreams into reality. More patients, more turnover, better staff, less stress, enthusiastic patients, more free time.

So far this has seemd too good to be true for you?
Now it will become reality. If you really want it, fasten your seat belt and off we go!

Excellence Coaching 365 mit KFO Dr. Martin Baxmann

Excellence Coaching 365

For one year, Dr. Martin Baxmann and his team will accompany you in all questions and projects concerning orthodontics and practice management in your practice. We make your practice a place where everyone likes to be. If it is your patients, your staff or yourself.

» 1 year 1:1 with Dr. Baxmann and his excellent team.

Performance Coaching mit KFO Dr. Martin Baxmann

Performance Coaching

Dr. Martin Baxmann and team will be with you for three months. Adressing all your questions and projects concerning orthodontics and practice management. We make your practice a place where everyone likes to be. For your patients, for your staff and for you, too.

» 3 months 1:1 with Dr. Baxmann and team.

This is what we found your Success Practice on

Clinical Orthodontics

from Aligners to Zygoma Miniimplants. Evidence Based Orthodontics made simple

Practice Management

relaxed management by established methods, no more hassle with figures you don't understand

Clear Processes

Learn to systematically implement optimal structures for you that your team will follow

Smarter than AI

Become more digital. Paperless was 25 years ago. Now it's 3D technology, automation and AI.

Fabulous Lab

set the right focus:
What you do in-house and what you need to outsource

The right Employees

Attracting and retaining skilled workers through sustainable recruiting and onboarding

Understand Marketing

Razor-sharp targeting in social media marketing saves money and nerves

Life coaching

Get you Mindset spot on for your success. Breaktrough your mental barriers. Tart you work with Dr. Baxmann and his trusted Life Coach No. 1

„Be the most important person in your practice!“

Coaching is the perfect solution for you if, in addition to clarity and a concrete plan, you want someone to guide you and support you every step of the way. In our collaboration, some of the topics that are important to you can even be implemented directly together. This saves you a lot of time when you are shown tried and tested shortcuts. This makes it even easier for you to keep at it, so that you really achieve your goal.

The investment you make in our 1:1 coaching depends on the scope. Book a free initial consultation now and we will discuss what exactly you have in mind and find out how you can best achieve your goals. Dr. Baxmann and his team of experts is ready for you.

In 1:1 coaching we can...

  • develop your very own individual practice system that is tried and tested, fully competitive and won't burn you out. No matter whether you have been in practice for a few years or are starting from scratch.
  • transform your orthodontics into a simple but professional concept that works well for you and fits your goals.
  • clarify what suits you, your patients and your team best. Because your structure has to fit YOU first and foremost, so that you can be successful in the long term, but you also get your staff on board from the start and don't burn out over time.
  • develop a strategy for the (partial) automation of your practice, test it and optimise it together.
  • develop short-term tactics as well as medium- and long-term strategies for your practice through orthodontics and optimised practice management.
  • create your appropriate marketing strategy (online and offline) for your favourite patients and staff and learn how to create a "here-is-just-the-right-feeling" for them.
  • ensure that you continuously go YOUR way, because you always know what to do and can clarify any question immediately. As we work on your most important topics together in 1:1 coaching, you also save a lot of time.

That' s what you can expect from our cooperation

I am personally by your side online via Zoom.

You meet us online at the kick-off and we explain how to access all materials, videos, courses and live coaching sessions. We also clarify your concrete goals for our collaboration. Then we create an action plan with your next steps and you get your first task.

We meet online about every fortnight for one hour, discuss your results and clarify all your questions. During this time, my brain is completely yours. We can also use our time together to co-work.

You will of course get my detailed feedback on everything you have developed in our collaboration as well as practical tips for easy implementation.

Between our calls you get my VIP service: You have direct access to me and my team in a WhatsApp group set up exclusively for you and can ask short questions at any time. This way you can always continue working directly and don't get stuck on the way.

For clinical questions, you can also use Mentoring2go.

In addition to strategy and concept, mindset and intuition are not neglected in 1:1 coaching. I am convinced that your inner compass knows your path. Sometimes it just needs a little adjustment.

And that's what you get: lots of fun, endless ideas, access to useful, established and constantly evolving online resources.

Plus, of course, what I'm sure you already know from Dr. Baxmann: Motivation at the touch of a button.

The registration

  • Step 1

    Click on the button and fill out the form. We'll take a look at everything in peace and quiet and get back to you quickly with a proposed date for a first (free) call.

    We can clarify all questions and discuss whether and how we can best support you so that you can really achieve your goals. And we find out whether we want to go on the journey together.

  • Step 2

    In the planning meeting, you will receive an individual offer that is perfectly tailored to you. You are then ready and we can start directly together. Now your path to success begins.

    Let's get ready to rumble!

Dr. Elen Ho, Zahnärztin

Dr. Baxmann is an excellent orthodontist and teacher. His method "Lean Orthodontics®" is simple, comprehensible and easy to learn. I am totally enthusiastic about it and I thank him very much for that!

Dr. Elen Ho
Dr. Gregor Springer, Zahnarzt

I have always gained a lot for myself and find the logical and comprehensible conclusions incredibly good.

Dr. Gregor Springer
Dr. Sebastian Helgert, Zahnarzt

One thing that is missed in the Krems postgraduate course "Master of Science Orthodontics" - a practice concept for almost all orthodontic treatments - is taught here to everyone consistently, sustainably and above all in a plausible way. In addition, the lecturer convinces with his entertainer qualities, which make the course series fly by in an entertaining and enjoyable way. A big compliment.

Dr. Sebastian Helgert

Dr. Martin Baxmann

Orthodontist, Mentor, Speaker, Amazon-Bestseller-Author

Dr. Baxmann is the managing director of the award-winning orthodontic practice group Orthodentix® and the orthodontic laboratory MyOrthoLab®-Experts in Orthodontics.

He has been recognised for his innovative activities by CEO Today magazine with the international HealthCare Award in 2018, the Gamechangers Award and the European Business Award in 2019.

Dr Baxmann has been lecturing internationally for more than 15 years, teaching highly efficient and easy-to-implement orthodontics based on current evidence and many years of reflected experience, referred to as LEAN ORTHODONTICS®". He is also the postgraduate Programme Director at the DTMD University for the international Master od Science in Orthodontics.

His popular video tutorials achieved several 100,000 views in a very short time on YouTube alone.

He regularly develops new orthodontic products and apps for this concept. As an editor and author, Dr. Baxmann is responsible for specialist books such as "Fixed appliances for Class II therapy" or the Amazon bestseller "Lean Orthodontics" book series."

Mehrfach ausgezeichneter Kieferorthopädie Dr. Martin Baxmann

Dr. Baxmann is the managing director of the award-winning orthodontic practice group Orthodentix® and the orthodontic laboratory MyOrthoLab®-Experts in Orthodontics.

He has been recognised for his innovative activities by CEO Today magazine with the international HealthCare Award in 2018, the Gamechangers Award and the European Business Award in 2019.

Mehrfach ausgezeichneter Kieferorthopädie Dr. Martin Baxmann

Dr Baxmann has been lecturing internationally for more than 15 years, teaching highly efficient and easy-to-implement orthodontics based on current evidence and many years of reflected experience, referred to as LEAN ORTHODONTICS®". He is also the postgraduate Programme Director at the DTMD University for the international Master od Science in Orthodontics.

His popular video tutorials achieved several 100,000 views in a very short time on YouTube alone.

He regularly develops new orthodontic products and apps for this concept. As an editor and author, Dr. Baxmann is responsible for specialist books such as "Fixed appliances for Class II therapy" or the Amazon bestseller "Lean Orthodontics" book series."

The Amazon Bestseller

Optimal preparation and guidance for all courses

Buch: Lean Orthodontics von Dr. Martin Baxmann (Amazon Bestseller - Kieferorthopädie)

Lean Orthodontics®

Simply everything that makes you successful(er) in orthodontics and practice management.

Here you will get to know the idea through many practical examples. You'll learn how to achieve lasting changes for more efficiency and satisfaction with small but razor-sharp impulses.

The ultimate practical workbook series

The practical workbook series for excellence in clinical orthodontics.

Get step by step to perfect implementation. Through the many practical examples and the clear instructions, you can systematically train yourself and your team and directly apply the new LEAN ORTHODONTICS® easily and safely.

What you learn

In 5 steps to the dream practice

1. Diagnostics & Planning

Find, evaluate and plan quickly, safely and in a structured way? It can be so easy with the right system. Say goodbye to planning at home at night with models and the uncomfortable feeling of whether everything was really right. You will learn how to stop letting the patient force a treatment on you, but instead integrate it in a meaningful way and keep full control. Your favourite patients will love you even more for this than they already do.

2. Excellent treatment

Do you want to give top treatments, offer high-quality procedures and charge reasonable prices for them? In this training programme you will learn to make the right decisions in a confident and relaxed manner, to stand by them and thus produce treatment successes like on an assembly line.

3. Communication without drama

Conversations can also be prepared, built up and followed up just like an orthodontic treatment, and they can also be led to a good experience and desired result again and again without any effort. Learn why conversations fail without targeted planning, what else counts besides first impressions and how you can leave nothing to chance in communication either.

4. Management rethought

BAS, key figures, KPIs, accounting, controlling, management. How does that sound to you? Don't worry, Dr. Baxmann's LeanOrthodontics® has solutions that you will love. Step-by-step instructions will have you working in practice instead of just in the practice in no time. You will be able to distinguish between the important and the urgent tasks and assign them to the right people. At the same time, you will gain control and an overview, as you will no longer be multitasking during treatment.

5. Staff management made easy

Staff management. Which staff? We have a shortage of skilled workers...
What comes next sounds tough: The shortage of skilled workers starts with you. Because why are all the good employees elsewhere and not with you? The good news is that you can control it yourself. Here you can find out what adjustments you can make and what tools you can use without expensive agencies to ensure that your dream practice has not only the patients you want, but also top staff, and how you can recruit, retain, promote and challenge them in sufficient numbers.

A convincing system

What participants say about the programme

Dr. Agnes Krenn, Zahnärztin

I am a huge fan of Dr. Baxmann's courses. The Lean Orthodontics programme is clearly structured, but individual interests and questions of each participant are also taken into account. You get a lot of practical tips in addition to the theory, and it's all done in a friendly and collegial atmosphere, which I particularly appreciate. I learnt an incredible amount, so much so that I, as an orthodontic beginner, have gained the courage to treat my own patients.

Dr. Agnes Krenn
Dr. Rositza Gabriel, Zahnärztin

Excellent lecturer with a clear, structured concept, definitely recommendable to listen to!

Dr. Rositza Gabriel
Dr. Katja Hristov, Zahnärztin

Thank you again for the great Powerweek. I was able to take away a lot of good info for myself.

Dr. Katja Hristov
Dr. Alicia Wegund, Zahnärztin

Since 2019, I have been continuously taking part in various orthodontic courses by Dr. Martin Baxmann and would highly recommend them. The principle of Lean Orthodontics is easy to understand and super practical to use. Dr. Baxmann is a brilliant teacher, mentor and speaker to whom I owe much of my orthodontic knowledge.

Dr. Alicia Wegund

Are you suitable for Excellence & Performance Coaching?

  • You are a dentist and already practise orthodontics or would like to expand your skills
  • You are a Master of Science in Orthodontics or would like to start with it
  • You are a specialist dentist for orthodontics or a further training assistant
  • You want to set up your practice and not make all the mistakes yourself, but prefer to rely on an established concept
  • Your practice is stagnating, you are tired of making decisions, or things could simply be better
  • You are an old hand, but would like to update your practice now and look forward to retirement or selling your practice
  • You are ready for a radically new way of thinking and like to work in a structured way
  • You enjoy learning and your profession

Do you see yourself in these points? Then we will find the best way for you. What could happen if you don't talk to us? That you are annoyed that you did not participate much earlier.

Who is this programme not for?

  • If you jump from course to course and don't really get anything done
  • If you prefer to listen to yourself complain and everything stays the way it was
  • If you already know everything better and are not willing to learn new things

Want a taste?

Listen in. Read through. Watch it.

No problem, I'd love to!
Just tune into the podcast, read the blog or watch a video.

Lean im Gesundheitswesen: Diese 5 Punkte werden relevant

Lean Techniken im Gesundheitswesen spielen heutzutage eine große Rolle, wenn es darum geht, die Abläufe in einer Praxis zu optimieren. Doch worauf solltest du eigentlich achten, wenn du herausfinden möchtest, ob du bereits „alles richtig“ machst? Als Grundregel gilt (wie so oft): Der Patient steht im Mittelpunkt. Und damit dieser sich wohlfühlt, kannst du verschiedene […]

Wie sieht der Tagesablauf in deiner Praxis aus?

Auch dann, wenn du deine Praxis bereits seit Jahren betreibst, ist es definitiv sinnvoll, sich in regelmäßigen Abständen mit dem Tagesablauf in deiner Arbeitsumgebung auseinanderzusetzen. Typische Fragen, die in diesem Zusammenhang eine besonders wichtige Rolle spielen könnten, sind unter anderem: Wie vergibst du Termine? Welche Details bestimmen deinen Dienstplan? Woher weißt du, wie lange bestimmte […]

Was möchtest du mit Praxismarketing erreichen?

Viele Praxisinhaber vergessen im Alltag immer wieder, dass es sich bei einer Praxis unter anderem um ein Unternehmen handelt. Das bedeutet, dass du niemals davon ausgehen solltest, dass deine Patienten (oder besser gesagt „Kunden“) einfach so zu dir kommen. Vielmehr ist es deine Aufgabe, deine Zielgruppe davon zu überzeugen, dass du die beste Wahl für […]

Still not convinced?

These participant testimonials will change your mind - guaranteed!

Dr. S. Harre, MSc

Thoughts were driven to high performance and despite the sympathetic aura and the (always) funny anecdotes of the mentor Dr. Baxmann, it was clear: "You're not here (just) for fun. Use the time to advance, improve and optimise your orthodontic knowledge! Start thinking "LEAN"!"

Classroom lectures? No way! That's "oldschool"! The Powerweek consisted of many practical exercises, discussions among the course participants and the joint development of solutions. This interactive way of learning made it possible to collect many more "take home messages" and to actively learn more than in "normal" training courses. Constant thinking was necessary and required to be able to follow the fast mentor: Treatments and approaches were reconsidered, changed and improved.

Our own orthodontic point of view was completely turned upside down: A break out of the hamster wheel of everyday, routine treatment and views. Countless practical tips, information and structural ways of optimising one's own orthodontic treatment followed.

But here's the best part: after the Powerweek, it's not all over, it's just beginning! Through various channels such as the internet, YouTube channel, podcasts, books and personal contact as a mentor, Dr. Baxmann also accompanies the time after the Powerweek and helps to dive more and more into the world of "LEAN Orthodontics". Anyone who does not think "LEAN" after this course has only themselves to blame.

Dr. S. Harre
Dr. Dietmar Konstaniniuk, Zahnarzt

You immediately notice his passion for his subject. When you ask him questions, there is usually a funny line and then he devotes himself completely to the problem until the answer is fully understood. He takes the time to find the goal together. This is particularly noticeable in his mentoring programme, where you describe a problem to him via WhatsApp, Messenger or email and Dr. Baxmann doesn't immediately tell you the answer, but encourages you to ponder by asking specific counter-questions, so that you can gradually learn to answer your own question yourself. His way of working, similar to his teaching style, is pure efficiency. Dr. Baxmann knows from many years of experience in clinics and surgeries where many time wasters are hidden in everyday life and how to minimise or eliminate them in the best way. All in all, I can recommend the Lean Orthodontics courses with Dr. Baxmann to everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, there is something educational for everyone!

Dr. Dietmar Konstaniniuk
Dr. Barbara Hiller, Zahnärztin

The Lean Orthodontics course by Dr. Martin Baxmann is well structured and designed. His treatment plans are clear and can be integrated and implemented very well in everyday practice. All questions that arise are answered and explained. In general, I like the course very much because I am shown how to work in a structured way in my own practice, which makes for much less stress.

Dr. Barbara Hiller
Dr. Karin Haas, MSc, Zahnärztin

The orthodontic curriculum Lean Orthodontics is characterised by a clear treatment concept that can be immediately integrated into everyday practice. The aim of the treatment is to achieve an optimum result within a treatment period that is acceptable to both patient and dentist. In his exciting and empathetic lectures, Dr. Martin Baxmann understands how to convey even complex interrelationships clearly and comprehensibly. Case planning is discussed in great detail according to his concept and in a pleasant collegial atmosphere. The benefit for the practitioner is great. I can warmly recommend the courses to all orthodontic newcomers, but also to experienced colleagues!

Dr. Karin Haas
MSc, Dentist
Dr. Rifat Osmani, Zahnarzt

I have just started reading Dr. Baxmann's book and I think it is great. The approach makes so much more sense than, for example, the Master's I'm doing at the moment. I am a practitioner and want to get into orthodontics as soon as possible. I am very interested in digital orthodontics and find Dr. Baxmann's offer with the planning aids brilliant. That's why I will also attend the next course. With the mentoring, I can get started right away so that my practice becomes orthodontics ready. If possible, I would be happy to look over Dr. Baxmann's shoulder for another day or two, that's how I learn the most. Martin, you're doing such a great job that you've got me completely under the orthodontic spell. Thank you very much!

Dr. Rifat Osmani
Dr. Hannes Küfler, Zahnarzt

Dr. Martin Baxmann conveys his very practice-oriented concept "Lean Orthodontics" of systematic and compact orthodontics with incredible energy and great enthusiasm. The 5-second model analysis, the Baxmann keys, the Baxmann 3:1 rule of thumb, the ABCD system for therapy planning are important tools for me and can be implemented immediately in my practice. His mentoring programme is unique and gives the course participants important help and support with case planning and questions of all kinds. My orthodontic practice is greatly enriched by this course programme! Many thanks for this!

Dr. Hannes Küfler
Dr. Anna Nawrocka, Zahnärztin

The curriculum with Dr. Baxmann is definitely highly recommended! As a beginner, I got to know the entire concept, which allows for independent treatment planning and implementation. With the knowledge I gained, I can now manage many everyday tasks of an orthodontic practice. After this experience, I was very happy to sign up for the advanced course, where again a great deal of new knowledge and a wonderful atmosphere can be expected.

Dr. Anna Nawrocka
Alex Kampf, MSc KFO

Designed by professionals for aspiring professionals. I attended Dr Baxmann's KFO Powerweek 2020. It was a very intensive and extremely interesting training. Dr Baxmann addressed all the important areas of orthodontics and completed this with many useful tips for everyday life in the practice. Individual questions and concerns of the participants were also addressed. If you want to learn from a very likeable professional and are prepared to spend 5 days non-stop with orthodontics, this is absolutely the right place.

Alex Kampf
MSc, Orthodontics
Dr. Judith Lengendobler, Zahnärztin

I have been looking for orthodontic curricula for a long time and finally found what I was looking for with Dr. Baxmann's Lean Orthodontics in Vienna. I took on the challenge of attending an advanced course as a "beginner" or re-entrant - the support I received from mentor Dr. Martin Baxmann is outstanding! I will be back in 2020 and bring another dental colleague with me due to my positive experience in the course!

Dr. Judith Lengendobler