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Achieve excellent orthodontics and confident practice management with Dr. Baxmann's coaching and training.

Kieferorthopäde Dr. Martin Baxmann

Get off to a flying start with orthodontic training

In almost every professional world, it is now common practice to constantly further your education and to work on your skills. With our orthodontic training we give you the tools and expertise you need to reach the maximum potential for you and your practice. The methodology of our orthodontic training is strategic and based on proven techniques that have been used in our own practice for many years. Our orthodontic training not only means expanding your professional knowledge, but also shows you ways to make your entire daily practice routine more efficient. Can you imagine what would change in your treatment processes and your patient relationships if you could work more effectively and thus faster at all levels? The orthodontic courses we offer you can achieve exactly that and change your practice culture in the long term.

The professional orthodontic course for your professional development

Orthodontic training is not just about imparting professional knowledge and tried and tested strategies for optimising practice processes. Our orthodontics continuing education courses are designed with a strong practical focus and guide you through the content in a motivating, positive environment. We offer orthodontics courses as one-day courses, weekly courses for you and your practice or as master classes spread over the year. The orthodontic further education with our Powerweek Seminar is particularly popular for expanding competencies with the entire practice team. Orthodontic practices can either visit our practice and learn about the structures and treatment procedures directly on site or be supervised by us in their own practice as part of the orthodontic continuing education.

Our orthodontic continuing education with a clear structure and practice orientation

When we take on the advanced training of motivated employees of orthodontic practices, it is particularly important to us to teach practical tools that can be applied directly. Therefore, the immediate practicability and clarity of the imparted knowledge is a great strength of our orthodontic continuing education. We work on both the micro and macro levels in order to achieve long-term success at all levels. This means that we reduce the daily processes in the practice to the essentials, work out the essential components of success and thus make excellent results reproducible. With this knowledge, you can then clearly structure your practice processes and set standards for procedures and quality that raise the level of your entire service catalogue.

Your flexible advanced training in orthodontics

In addition to imparting our specialist knowledge, it is particularly important for us in orthodontic further education to be able to help practitioners in a variety of situations.

For this reason, you can book our orthodontic training courses flexibly and according to your needs and possibilities. In this way, you can gradually acquire professional-level knowledge and methods. In orthodontics training, you learn to achieve excellent results with less effort by applying logical and strategic process optimisations. Whether you learn our methodology through an orthodontic continuing education seminar or through 1:1 mentoring - you will see that you will achieve quick and measurable success with your new knowledge if you implement it consistently. The orthodontic training offers the opportunity to directly apply the new knowledge and you have the chance to ask us your questions in order to understand the method holistically.

The orthodontic advanced training helps you to get further!

As a particularly important quality feature of our further training in orthodontics, we would like to emphasise at this point that we provide you with comprehensible methods that you can apply in almost all orthodontic treatments. This is by no means dry frontal teaching. Instead, we focus on small groups with maximum opportunities for individual questions and practical participation. We convey the contents of our orthodontic training in an easy-to-understand manner and with straightforward clarity. Needless to say, we do not neglect humour, team building and the joy of progress in our orthodontics training. You will see how the new knowledge and tools from our orthodontic training will make you newly enthusiastic about your profession. We understand our content as a holistic strategy to optimise the practice processes of treatment as well as team leadership and team building.

Our comprehensive range of services in the field of orthodontic training

At this point we would like to briefly explain which possibilities and modules are all part of our further education options. In addition to the courses and seminars, you can also read up on the knowledge you have acquired in the corresponding reference books. We also offer you powerful and innovative software and programmes that further optimise your treatment processes. The practical elements of our orthodontic training also include the implementation and discussion of orthodontic case planning. You can also learn about different new procedures in orthodontics and familiarise yourself with our processes. You want to effectively market your latest knowledge from the orthodontic training? We can also support you in the area of advertising and marketing to attract new customers for your first-class service.

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